Word workout is a simple and addictive word puzzle game where you have to build words out of scrambled letters. It is completely free of charge.

Word Workout board

New! Now you can play Word Workout in your web browser. The online version has not got all the functions as the desktop version but instead you have the chance to enter the international hiscore list! Play here!

  • 1. Agnes7622015-05-18
  • 2. Agnes7492014-11-28
  • 3. Agnes7472014-10-16
  • 4. Agnes7382015-01-25
  • 5. Agnes7332014-09-10
  • 6. Agnes7082014-10-13
  • 7. Agnes7082014-10-03
  • 8. Agnes6972014-10-28
  • 9. Agnes6942014-07-21
  • 10. Agnes6932015-01-25

Play just for fun with no time pressure or try to beat your own record and enter the high score list. In the desktop version you can play against a friend over internet.

To get the desktop version download it from here then extract the files in Wordworkout.zip and run Wordworkout.jar and you're of to go. You need to have java installed to be able to play.

For more help in how to install and play Word workout click the menus in the left sidebar.