Word Workout is a word puzzle game which is very simple to use. Nevertheless a short guide describing how to play follow below.

How to play

Word Workout is a game where you have to put to together words out of scrambled letters. There are always at least one word that contains all the letters but you can also submit shorter words.

To move letters you can drag and drop them to it's right place, double click the letter to be moved or use the keyboard. If keyboard is used you can delete letter by letter (from right to left) with backspace button. To clear all letters at once you use space bar.

There are three modes:

1. Practise Mode

Try to figure out words with no time pressure. In this mode you can get clues that helps you to put together a full word. When your letters can match more than one full word the clues matches one of these which is decided by the program.

2. Score Mode

Try to score as many points as you can in 200 seconds and enter the high score list. Longer words gives bonus points but you can submit as short words as just two letters.

3. Online Mode

Connect to a friend over internet and have a word battle where the person with highest score wins the match. Then you can compare statistics for all your matches in this online session. To connect one has to invite and the other has to join and enter the ip adress to the inviting person.


Word workout is shipped with an English and a Swedish dictionary that you can switch between under "Edit" menu. However if you want to use you own dictionary you can add this under "File/Change Dictionary". It has to be a plain text file where every word is on a separate line.

In Online Mode both persons has to have the same dictionary to be able to play.